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Shinola Runwell 41mm Petosky Stone S0120245779

Shinola Runwell 41mm Petosky Stone S0120245779

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Built to last, and named accordingly, this classic Runwell is assembled from the finest components available in the world—and features a beautiful Petoskey Stone dial. The Petoskey stone is a treasure sought out by many who visit the beaches of northern Michigan. Varied on the surface, each stone is a fossil of colonial coral believed to have lived in waters more than 350 million years ago—and no two are alike.

Perfect for any Michigander or frequent visitor of Lake Michigan’s shores, this Runwell has its own unique story to tell. With the sandblasted PVD gunmetal case and British tan leather strap, it’s an instant—and versatile—icon.

Note: Petoskey stone can vary in pattern and color. No two are the same.
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